One Church

I sometimes wonder how many denominations out there profess Christianity.  I am no theologian, but I think Christianity is less about religious affiliation and more about Christ and following His ways.

My friend, DaNita, has mused over how much can be done for local communities when denominations work together.  Resources increase, talents within the body of Christ are multiplied and needs are met.  Instead of one church working to bring people into their building we see an assortment of denominations pooling their assets to help the community. 

I admire DaNita’s heart for serving others. I admire her desire to bring various denominations together to reach others where they are at.  I hear the passion in DaNita’s voice when she talks about churches who look beyond their four walls to see the bigger picture.  I believe that this is the church Christ intended.  One church with One head reaching out to those in need.

This church has at its core the One Who died to bring all to salvation.  Christ did not die only for the Roman Catholics, or the Evangelicals or the Protestants.  He died for them all and He died for every other denomination and individual on this earth.  I think that this is the church DaNita talks about.  This is the church whose focus is not on increasing numbers within denominations or buildings, but rather being intentional and working collectively to serve others. 

I believe in this church.  I believe that Jesus Christ died once and for all.  I think that this is how our God longs for us to live; not fighting over which religious affiliation is correct but loving everyone and serving others.  This is Who Christ was and is.  He is our Savior who exemplifies what being a servant is all about.  He is our example.  Imagine the difference we could make in this world when we choose to serve like Christ. 

“Heavenly Father I thank You for Your Son, Jesus Christ.  Thank You for the opportunity to serve others in the Name of Jesus.  I ask that our community of believers band together to meet the needs of the hurting and the lost.  I pray that our focus not only be on increasing attendance in churches, but that our focus also be on intentionally serving others where they are at. I ask these things in the Name of Jesus.  Amen.”

Rev 21:2          2Cor 11:2         1Cor 12:12       Mt 23:11         Rom 12:13       Rom 12:5

Kami R. Lobner                      

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