Standing Justified

I am certain that the shed blood of Jesus Christ upon the cross at Calvary has cleansed me of all sin; past, present, and future.  I believe that there is no one who can take away the salvation provided to me by Christ’s sacrifice.  I know that God has justified me not because of anything I have done, but because of His Grace and His Mercy freely poured out through the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. 

I also believe that Satan can accuse me because I choose to sin (1 John 1:8) but I know that the accusations brought against me by Satan are never too big for God.  When I confess my sin, God IS faithful and just and He WILL forgive me and purify me from unrighteousness (1 John 1:9).  This does not mean I have a “license” to sin or a “get out of jail free” card to go around sinning and hurting others.  God’s Spirit within me is grieved when I sin, and I am convicted over the choice I made hopefully to the point of repentance.

Let me say this a different way.  I believe that my sins cause a break in fellowship with God.  I believe my choice to sin hurts God.  I am absolutely convinced, however, that my right standing as one who is justified will never be taken from me because of my sin.  I am only able to stand justified in the sight of God because of Christ’s blood.  It is because of Christ’s one-time redemptive sacrifice on the cross that I am justified.  When I do choose sin, it is the Holy Spirit within me Who reminds me of my need to repent and to restore fellowship with God and others.

It is this testimony, that we are justified eternally by the blood of Christ (Rev. 12:11), that we are compelled to share with others.  This testimony is available to all of humanity to claim as their own; those of us who have knowledge of this testimony need to share it with those who have yet to hear it. 

“Heavenly Father, I pray that You provide me courage and wisdom to share the testimony of Christ’s redemptive sacrifice with others. Thank You for Your eternal provision of salvation.  In Jesus Name, I pray.  Amen.”

Kami R. Lobner

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