Through the storm

Peter and the other disciples were in a boat on the Sea of Galilee.  They were being buffeted by wind and waves when they saw a man walking upon the water.  At first, they were afraid. The Man said to them, “Do not be afraid, it is I”.  Peter stood and asked the Man to prove that He was Jesus and to command Peter to also walk upon the water.  Jesus told Peter to come.

I imagine Peter gingerly stepping out of the boat.  Perhaps, still holding on to the other disciples or the side of the boat, he finally lets go and to his amazement he is standing on the water.  Peter begins to walk toward Jesus.  I envision Peter picking up the pace with his heart pounding as he gets closer to Christ.  Suddenly, and for only a moment, Peter takes his eyes off Jesus to look at the waves.  It is then he begins to sink.  Peter cries out to Jesus to save him.  The Lord reaches out and grabs hold of Peter saying, “oh ye of little faith”.  Jesus lifts Peter up and together they walk to the boat.  As Jesus climbs in, the wind and waves cease.

What happened here?  Peter seemingly doubts that the figure on the water is Jesus, however, when Jesus tells Peter Who He is, Peter believes and takes a step of faith.  As Peter is walking through the storm, his eyes are fixed upon Jesus.  There is no wind which can blow Peter over and no wave to push him down.  There is only his Savior helping him navigate the storm.  Then, for a moment, Peter looks at his surroundings.  As he looks at the storm, he is no longer focused on the One Who was helping him, and he begins to sink.  Remembering Jesus, Peter regains his focus over the tribulation and cries out, again, for his Savior.  Jesus immediately responds and comes to Peter’s aid.  The two walk together and get into the boat.  But, it isn’t until Jesus steps foot inside the boat that the wind dies down and the waves stop crashing.

I see this story in my life.  I sometimes doubt that the Lord is there, in the storm of my life.  I cry out to Him and He says, “it is I”.  With renewed confidence in Him I begin to walk through the trial I am facing.  But, I become distracted.  I take my eyes off Christ and I begin to sink.  I need encouragement from my Christian family and friends, or to be reminded through my Pastor’s sermon, to focus upon my Lord and Savior.  When I do, Jesus is right there with me.  He is stepping into the boat I am in and He is calming my fears.  He is quieting the storm around me. 

It may take days, months or even years to get to the other side of a stormy sea. When Christ steps into the boat we are in, the turbulence of life is less daunting.  He knows we are “of little faith”, but when we place our seed of faith in Him anything is possible. 

Today, I encourage you to focus upon Jesus to get you through whatever storm you are facing.  He longs to walk with you through it.  He wants to climb into your boat and ride it out with you.  All you need to do is ask.

Matthew 14:28-32                             Luke 17:6                                Philippians 4:13

Kami R. Lobner

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